Shimotsudo is one of ancient official roads that traverse the Nara Basin to the north and south. In the vicinity of Tawaramoto Town, the ancient track remains remains but it is almost along the Terakawa. From around the Edo period called the Middle Highway, along the roads there are houses that convey the signposts and the bustle of the past.

Walking / Nara


Taeko road is said that Prince Shotoku was built as a way from Asuka to the temple of Ikaruga. It is said to have been tied in a straight line from Asuka (Asuka village in Takaichi-gun) to Horyuji Temple (Ikamin gun, Ikaruga Town). Currently, it can be seen as a road around Kuroda, Taharamoto-machi, and at landmarks in Ningyo-ji and many neighborhoods.

Walking / Nara


Nakatsu road is a public road built in parallel to the downtown about 2 km. Muraya shrine was settled along this walkway and it was written in the Nihon Shokai that Muraya God garnered to the priest at the time of the invasion and helped the Omiwa Princess Omiyuki Shogun’s generals. In the modern age, I went through Tachibana in Asuka village, passed through Yoshino Kodo-dori, called “Tachibana Highway”.